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Crazy busy start to the new year!

Posted by naomi strong on March 3, 2013 at 1:15 AM

It has been a really fantastic start to 2013 with the Ag shows kicking off at the end of January. My students have been going brilliantly and gaining some amazing results. Reserve, Champions and Supreme so far with many wins and placings along the way. You can check out the photos and full resukts on the Avondale Warmbloods page on facebook.

January also saw the start of a bevy of overseas instructors hitting our shores for the yearly Boot Camps! Peter Storr was the end of January, unfortunately into some horrendous weather but thankfully indoors. Just very hard to negotiate the flooded roads and we didnt make it for half the clinic. Peter works very closely with Carl Hester and I really enjoyed his humour and eye for detail. It was great to get my 4 yr old Avondale Resolution out and about even though it ended up being a bit scary for her she coped beautifully. So beautifully in fact that I decided to take her off the market for now in the hope that she will grow and be a competition horse for me.

Next was the indominatable Leonie Bramall, as always not exactly what you always want to hear but exactly what you need to push through and go up a level. Leonie is tough, but she looks at every horse and every little detail which is why she is a genious.

To finish off we had Ilse Schwarz here for a 3 day clinic. It was wonderful to have her back and great timing to help put all the pieces and learning together from the last few weeks into logic and a program that we can follow until she is back in May!

With the continued wet weather it has been hard to contemplate a start to the competition year for the Avondale team. So many Competitions postponed or cancelled its hard to pick a start date. Mostly comps are being held on the coast for us and it makes it very hard to think about competing until after April.

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